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Personal Expense Accidentally Charged to PCard



I accidentally made a charge on my purchasing card. I tried to expense it out and I'm getting a number of exceptions. I already settled with PNC to pay the charge off with a personal account, but I can't submit a report that has "do not reimburse" on it. The exceptions are as follows:


This report has a Net Credit amount due employee, please hold the credit(s) until you have out of pocket entries to offset.

-I don't understand what this means but I called the number on the back of the card and the balance is $0


The Corporate card is for business purposes only. The only time a personal expense may be charged to the corporate card is when it is included in an overall business expense. Please remit the non-reimbursable amount to PNC directly.

-I didn't intend to charge this item to my work card, but it was not charged to the corporate card; it was charged to the purchasing card


Personal Charges cannot be made on the Purchasing Card. Please submit this expense as reimbursable and provide a check for the amount of personal expense.

-Yes, I know but it was a mistake! I already paid off the erroneous amount.


I need to reconcile this expense sooner rather than later. From my end everything is paid and set, but I can't submit the expense because of the exceptions above. I really wish there was a phone number I could call so I could talk to someone... If someone here has that number, I would be forever grateful. It's buried in the weeds of the website if it's available at all. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@aelando when the only expense on a report is marked as personal, the net amount is zero. Your company doesn't allow a zero requested amount. Also, it sounds like you need to uncheck the personal expense checkbox and submit this. I would use the Comment field to explain you already paid the card company for the expense. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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