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Per Diem Travel Allowance Information

We are considering an update to our daily per diem allowances across the organization. I would be interested to hear what other companies are paying in regards to Daily Per Diem and also broken down by breakfast, lunch, and dinner for domestic and international employees?

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If you can help me with the country details, I can help you in a better way

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Our per diems are set up so that we have four categories with different rates, so that the per diem covers food for a day even in the more expensive areas of the world without raising the overall per diem that high. It was easiest to add a photo to show the break down, but let me know if you can't see it.

per diem breakdownper diem breakdown





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Hi Kristy,


We are also adopting the Per Diem rate system can I ask how you manage the updates is it annual, quarterly changes.  Also if new countries are visited i.e. Oman, how have you adopted an approach to this!.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks