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New Member - Level 2

Pending card transaction still spending after 1 month

Hi, I've looked through all of the forums and still cant figure out how to fix my issues. I have two expenses for hotels rooms and I get the messages below. I've uploaded the receipts, i've tried deleting and adding back, nothing is working! The rooms are on my corporate card statement so I don't know why its still listing as a pending transaction. Even when I manually enter in the requested amount, I still get the same message nd can't move forward.  Any suggestions?? 




Frequent Member - Level 1

Hi @jensenk 

'Pending Card Transaction' in Concur language means an expense item/receipt that is waiting to be matched to a card transaction.  If it's been a month since the spend then I presume you've submitted the card transactions on an earlier report and you can then delete these receipts, and then delete them from Available Expenses.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jensenk the number one cause I've seen for this is because the actual card charges were already submitted on a previous report. I just checked your account and it appears you resolved the issue. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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