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Pending Transaction

I booked a rental car for my Marketing Director as they were going to a conference, but she ended up using her own vehicle. However the pending charge is still showing, how do I get it off?


It has been there for almost 3 weeks and is putting a hold on the card.


Please help...

Community Manager
Community Manager

@KAGriffin Pending items in SAP Concur can be deleted. Is this item on an expense report or sitting in Available Expenses? If on a report, open the report, select the item, then use the delete button. Once deleted from the report, go to Expense at the top of the screen. When on the Manage Expenses screen, find the item in Available Expenses and check the little checkbox to select it. Then use the Delete button to remove. That should do it.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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