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Pending Card Transaction



I have paid for a flight to Barcelona for a client meeting using my own card (no option to use a company one) the money has been taken from my bank account however i cannot submit a claim due to


"This expense cannot be submitted until it is matched to an imported card transaction. If this was not paid for via card, you may edit the payment type of the expense to reflect the actual payment method."


Any advice on this? The money has been taken but i can't submit a claim!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@JackE I take it you booked your flight using Concur Travel, correct? If so, the item that is Pending is what we call an Itinerary Item. These do not need to be added to a report if you used a personal card to purchase the airfare. Delete the item from your report and then use the Add Expense button to start a new expense entry. Click the Create New Expense tab, then select Airfare from the list of expenses.


After all of this, go to your Available Expenses list and delete the item that is Pending that you just deleted from the expense report.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Are you able to see your Air ticket expense in the "Available Expenses" ?