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Pending Card Transaction

Hello! I have a pending card transaction for a flight with AA for over a month that hasn't matched to an imported transaction yet and is preventing me from submitting my expense report. The transaction was made with the company card linked to the account, and the card hasn't changed recently. I made transactions after the purchase of the flight that imported with no issue. How can I get the transaction to import? Thanks

Community Manager
Community Manager

@SachaD I took a look at your itinerary items and I did see that the airfare was ticketed using a company Air Travel card. So, to me this means that the airfare was purchased on what we call a Ghost Card, which is a card used for purchasing travel segments. 


Have you checked your VISA card statement to see if the airfare charges appear on it? If you don't see the airfare charges, then it probably means the airfare was purchased on that Ghost Card. You can confirm this with CWT by calling the number provided in the Company Notes section of the SAP Concur home screen. 


If you do see the charges on your assigned VISA card, then I suggest speaking with your direct manager to see if you can submit the expenses as Out of Pocket. Doing this will get you reimbursed for the amount which you can then pay directly to VISA to cover the charges. 


I suggest starting by calling CWT to see if the airfare was purchased on a Ghost Card. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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