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Pending Card Transaction Issue

Recently i booked a hotel for my business trip through CWT (04 Jul - 06 Jul 2022). Booking reference is 5KJC8N.


During check in, as hotel front desk informed me my company booking is paid by Expedia thus I did not use company corporate card ending with 9972(Citibank master) as deposited card but I using my personal credit card as deposited card for my parent hotel room. In the end, Expedia charge to my personal card instead of company corporate card.


But I cannot understand why Expedia charge to my personal card (7798) instead of company corporate card (9972) since I booked thru CWT?


CWT team do contact Expedia but not getting any respond from Expedia. 


For this case, should i waiting for Expedia reply or submit the expenses as out of pocket?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@PangCY if it were me in this situation, I would just submit as out of pocket. Why does CWT have your personal card on file? 


Maybe ask CWT to remove the card or if it is on your Concur Travel Profile, you can remove it from there. That would avoid this happening in the future.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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