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Payroll integration: employee inactive

Hi, we have an outstanding claim in Concur for an employee who left the company a few days ago.  The payroll document is showing in the SAP cte_moni as an error.  Can we get some advice as to how we should resolve this?  Perhaps the claim should be cancelled and paid manually via PR05?  Thank you in advance.




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we are in the public sector and using the standard platform.  One other leaver has appeared this month, claim is in Concur, but cannot transfer to SAP due to the fact they have now left the org.

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Hi Maz


We are also public sector and faced this exact same issue - I'm hoping you have resolved this now but for anyone else who may stumble across this thread this is covered in the Integration Setup Guide.


We implemented this change and it has resolved the issue.


Changes made to inactive employees will not be exported to Concur. Only the data which was valid
when the employees were last active will be exported. You can adjust the retention periods per
country using transaction


SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> Personnel Management ->
Personnel Administration -> Tools -> Data Privacy -> Block -> Check the End of Purpose ->
Define Retention Period for Data for Employees Who Have Left the Company.