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Payroll Reporting Options

We are finally getting our company into the 21st century and will start reimbursing employees expenses via payroll.   Unfortunately we do not use ADP for payroll, but a different company called Namely.    I have configured the Expense File Report to match the fields needed for our Payroll Provider, but i can't find a secure way to export the file from Concur so it can be ingested by Namely.   


Is there any secure way to do it vs downloading the excel and manually E-mailing it over to HR?   The risk being that theoretically someone could manipulate the excel between when it is downloaded and when it is sent to HR?


Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide 





Community Manager
Community Manager

@Aryeh2b Hello there. I had to reach out to some colleagues about this and here is what I found out: 

You can purchase an FTP from us and then provide Namely with those credentials so they can pick up the file you post on FTP. You would need to be the middle person on any issues Namely would have getting the file. Meaning, if they have a problem, you would need to submit the issue to SAP Concur Support for them. 


If you know who your SAP Concur Client Success Manager is, they would be the person to discuss this with. 


Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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