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Payment type is stuck on "cash"

Payment type is stuck on "cash", I'm trying to change it to corporate card but the pull down won't even give me the option.

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As per common settings of cc payment type below option is checked :

Exclude from employees’ Payment Type list (applies only to imported card transactions)


It means employees cannot change any payment type and cc payment type will be auto-selected only when cc transactions are imported.

In case you want to change the settings, go to Administration -Expense - Expense Administration - Payment type and then uncheck the tickbox.


Hope it helps!


Occasional Member - Level 3

Are your corporate card charges automatically imported to Concur?  If so, then you must wait for the charge to import and then the system will recognize the proper payment type. Depending on the merchant's batch processing and your company's import timing, this may take anywhere from 2 days to a week from when the charge occurred. 


Typically users are blocked from selecting corporate card payment type since it would only apply for imported transactions and should not be assigned to manual entries in order to ensure proper accounting and payment. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@daveinsk as others have stated, if you manually create an expense, you will not be able to choose a new payment type. This is because the corporate card payment type should only be used with imported corporate card transactions. 


Can you provide a little more information, please? For exampe, was the purchase done on your assigned corporate credit card or someone else's corporate card? I'm just trying to understand why you would be creating an expense for a card transaction instead of waiting for the card charge to upload into your Concur account. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Kevin, travel, hotel and vehicle rental were all done by me using my company issued credit card. When I logged on to Concur, I did see the expenses were there but I need to make some changes to comport to company policies. Still, at that time, the credit card options were not available. I deleted what was there and recreated the expenses to no avail. 

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I have been told by Concur and other experts that this is tied to the speed of the downloaded expense.  If the expense has not hit the pre-build report for that month (we use ExpenseIt), then adding things like photos of receipts, will trigger a "Cash" situation because the expense has not hit the Concur books yet.  You can't switch out a "Cash" situation