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Payment advice note

How do I make sure the claim I am making for an employee goes into their bank account please? I am unsure who i need to contact to make sure.  

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If you are a delegate for that user, in the upper right of the screen, it should say "Acting As" and the name of the person. If you submit in your own Concur account, you will be reimbursed. There is a really good 3-minute video on the Concur Training website for "Acting as a Delegate" that I think will help you:



Travel and Expense System Administrator
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Community Manager

@Suecranes to best answer this, can you tell me if your company is using our Expense Pay feature? If so, then each employee would need to enter their bank information into their Concur profile. Did your company require this? If it was required, then the system will deposit the money into the bank account of the person you created the expense report for. 


Although the system will stamp the report with your name as the creator and submitter of the report, that is all it does. Everything else in regards to the report (including payment) is tied to the employee that it was sumbitted for. 


Now, I'm answering this based on your company using our Expense Pay feature. If you are not, really the same logic applies. Once the report is fully approved, it gets marked to be paid. The system will look at whose report it is, not who created it and apply payment appropriately. To be 100% sure that it goes to the employee, you have to wait until payment has been made and the employee confirms they see the payment in their bank account. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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