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I am holding a training tomorrow for employees within my company that will be processing expense reports. Ideally, I would like to process a batch from start to finish. I have made our funding account temporarily inactive. My concern is that if I process a batch:


1) it will be reimbursed to either the employee or credit card company, or

2) when I reactivate our funding account, these reports that I processed during the training would be paid to the employee or credit card company


Can someone let me know if making the funding account inactive prevents both of these issues? Also, is there a way to purge data from Concur? We are going live with it on 3/17 and I would like all the test data out of there.



Community Manager
Community Manager



I would suggest only using one expense report with a total of .01. That way if the batch does process, it is only one penny. If you are using a corporate credit card, you won't be able to test out closing the batch unless you actually have some corporate card transactions that have uploaded into someone's account. However, this is live data. 


I did look at your site and you do not have a company credit card added to your Payment Types, so you wouldn't have any card transactions going into a batch. This shouldn't be an issue.


I think with the funding account for the Expense Pay batch being inactive, you wouldn't be able to close it. If you cannot close it, then reactivating the account shouldn't affect anything. At least in theory, it shouldn't. 


In all honesty, the closing of a batch is literally clicking Close now, so I don't think you need to finish the process for training. 


I will say though, that because the data you are using is live data, I don't recommend closing any batches. 


This is just my two cents. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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