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Partial Reimbursement for Hotel



I need help applying for a partial reimbursement in Concur. I booked an Airbnb for 6 nights and paid for it up front. I stayed for 3 nights, and a colleague stayed for 3 nights separately. I am only claiming partial reimbursement since that colleague paid me directly for their share.


I need to get reimbursed for $136.92 out of a total $256.72 (the latter is the cost on the receipt).  I keep getting my report sent back because I haven't itemized it correctly. Any ideas? Thanks

Super User
Super User

There are a few ways that can be done, based on system set up and your company policy.  Here's a couple of options:

  1. If you are required to itemize hotel expenses, enter the total transaction amount of $256.72 itemize the whole bill and mark personal (and add a comment why) the itemization lines you do not get reimbursed  The total transaction amount is entered as $256.72, but only the lines totalling $136.92 would be reimbursed since the other lines are checked personal.
  2. If your company allows you to make notes on the receipt, and you do not itemize, write the reimbusement amount on the reciept with the reason, then expense only the $136.92.
Community Manager
Community Manager

@edeyoung1 how did you pay for the Air BnB? Did you use a company card or a personal card? If you used a personal card, then when you create the expense entry, only enter $136.92 as the total. Even though the receipt is double that amount, companies are not going to complain about paying an employee less than what the receipts says. :-).


As @dlamont mentioned, just use the Comment field to explain why the amount you entered is less than the receipt.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thank you so much! I will try these solutions and let you know if they are accepted by my company. I really appreciate both of you taking time to help me.