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PENDING CARD TRANSACTION -ITEMS for 2 months need help

I have requested assistance, and have had no interaction from the helpdesk, ,other than to receive an email to read the  article about pending transactions......

I have 4 items stuck in "Pending"

ALL items were bought with  Corp Card.

one item ,within 2 weeks, will cause my travel card to be suspended.(from 3-17-22)

I need some help !!

I cannot figure out who is the General Electric Power Conversion admin for Concur.

The recommendation to change the Pending  myself does not work


Super User
Super User


The pending card transaction could be a travel itinerary or an e-receipt.  It is waiting for the credit card to upload to Concur and match so you can include on your next expense report. 


You say that the credit card transaction has not been uploaded to Concur Expense.  My suggestion is to contact your company's Concur administrator and/or the credit card.  Your concur administrator can check the credit card has been assigned correctly to you.  They will also check if the transaction is "hidden" for any reason.  If so, they can release it. 


The card program administrator can tell if the transaction has been posted on their side.  The transaction will not flow to Concur until the vendor demands payment to the credit card company.  Once the credit card company pays the vendor, the transaction will flow automatically within days. 

Please remember not all vendors submit the payment demand to the credit card automatically.  


I hope this helps.  Let us know what you find out. 



Maria Steen
Community Manager
Community Manager

@laheyth have you looked at your previously submitted and paid reports to see if the credit card transactions for these pending items are on these reports? 


Give your already paid reports a look to see if their are credit card transactions that match the pending items. If there are, you can just delete the Pending items out of your available expenses. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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