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Occasional Member - Level 1

P-Card Charges Reconciliation

Hi - We are currently working on activating CBCP and what do you all typically do for charges that were not reconciled during month end? How do you realize those?


Would appreciate your feedback.

Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi Prats9,


We pull an accrual report of all P-Card charges that have not extracted for payment each month and provide that to accounting.  They use this report and the GL posting to balance with the payment made to the card provider.   

Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi- quick question Jeremy, Was this a standard report that is offered in Cognos? I didnt see that as availabe for us. It didnt have cost centers/gl accounts.

Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi @JQuimby , no it was not a standard report.  If you have a detail report that has all of the cost center information needed, add the approval status column then filter that by does not equal "Approved" to show you what is pending in the system.  You could have two copies of the same report, one setup to show you what extracted for a timeframe and one setup to show you what has not been approved.