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P-Card Accidentially issued. No show hotel charge


I requested a corp card and mis-read the differences between the pcard and the corp card. I was issued a pcard and have been using. Luckily many of my last expense reports include an event i ran for my team so i have been able to submit. I did have a hotel reservation that was cancelled but I was charged a no show fee. The charge went to my pcard (as I didn't know I had the wrong type of card till now). Is there a way to expense and account for the no show charge on the pcard? "hotel" is not an option for expense type. Please help!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@eameliss is there an expense type named Miscellaneous or Other available? If so, I would suggest that.

If neither of those is available, I suggest speaking with your direct manager to see what should be done.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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