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Overcoming the end of Expenseit

Our EA to our CEO has been capturing all the expenses for his CEO on Expenseit using the CEO's login. Our CEO does not have the time to prepare his expenses claim and has delegated this to his EA. This worked well as Expenseit only has the camera capture function. We were notified recently that this app will no longer be available after 31 Dec 2018. All camera captures must now be done on the Concur App. The issue we have is that the Concur App also comes with Approval function for our CEO which he does not want the EA to access. Is there a way where we can allow the EA to still capture the receipts using the App but turn off the approval function on the app?

Community Manager
Community Manager

You cannot turn off the approval function in the app, as far as I know. What can be done is the EA can take a picture of the receipts and forward them to In the subject line of these emails, the EA will put the email address of their executive. Now, for this to work three things need to be done first. 1. The EA needs to be added as the delegate to the executive's profile. 2. The executive needs to verify their work email address on their SAP Concur profile. The EA needs to verify their email address on their SAP Concur profile.  A site admin can add a delegate to the executive's profile for them and can also proxy in as the executive and verify their email address for them. The only thing with doing it for them, is they will need to provide the site admin with the verification code that gets sent to their email address to complete the verification.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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