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One time entitlement


As per the topic, can we restrict employees to only be able to claim a specific expense type one time in their career within the organization. For example, if I have claimed Lifestyle allowance, I am then not allowed to claim it in the future (Hard Stop). 


I have tried checking up via audit rule but there isn't a way for us to check the entire historical report of an employee. Can anyone else advise if they have faced such scenario and how have they handled this. 




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Dear Pritesh,


I would guess it would take a manual settings to remove specific people once they use an expense type, which is inconsistent.


I personally wouldn't see the best way to set up an expense type into the system that shows only once, and would rather have this cost managed by HR/Payroll, so not going to concur. At the end, concur is the aim for Travel and Expenses, things out of this, it would be included in the wrong "container".



Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager

@tesh94 unfortunately Concur cannot look at the total history of an employee to monitor what you are asking. What I would suggest is to create an audit rule that fires whenever this expense type is used so it always gets flagged yellow. 


Then, you could create a Cognos report that includes this one expense type and shows which employees have ever used it. Cognos saves all historical data. 


This is a little tedious and will require someone to monitor this Cognos report. The good thing is, you can schedule this Cognos report to run on a recurring (monthly) basis and be sent directly to you for monitoring purposes. 


Another option would be to create a custom field that only shows when this expense type is selected. Maybe label the field something like Ever Expensed Before? and make it a checkbox that they should select if they have ever submitted this expense before. The only thing with this option is someone not checking the box even though they have used the expense previously. 


I hope this helps and gives you something to go on.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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