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OAuth Question re: redirect_uri



I am attempting to connect to Concur Expense via Web Services.


My question

What is the proper redirect_uri for a authentication application in Concur using the authorization_code or password grant types?



  • We use Concur Expense Professional.
  • My account has Web Services Admin and Authentication Admin privileges.
  • My access to our Concur instance is on the domain.
  • I have already set up an authentication application by using Company Admin > Authentication Admin > OAuth 2.0 Application Management in Concur.
  • I am successfully using the authentication application to make GET calls via the Postman utility using the refresh_token grant type and generating access tokens.

Current State

  • I am trying to set up a connection using the same authentication application but with an ODBC driver-based connector.
  • The ODBC connector requires either an authorization_code or password grant type.
  • I have added the password and authorization_code grant types to the authentication application in Concur (image below)
  • I have also added a redirect_uri, but I made an uneducated guess as to what the value should be (


My Problem

  • Whenever I test my connection in the connector utility using the password or authorization_code  grant type, however, I receive the error, "The requested address is not valid in this context."
  • Leaving the redirect URI blank in the connector utility gets past the internal error, but a web browser window pops up to inform me "redirect_uri is improper or not previously registered."
  • I strongly suspect that I do not have the right value in the Redirect URI setting in the Concur authentication application. 😣

I'd appreciate any suggestions. Many Thanks!


Adam Bank