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Number of Reports per Employee

Does anyone know of reporting within Concur that will provide the number of expense reports submitted per employee over a given time frame?


I can find the number of reports per country, but not per employee.


Many thanks --

Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Kay,

I don't believe there is a standard report that shows the number of expense reports per employee. However, if you open the standard 'Expense Reports by Country' report in Report Studio, you should be able to drag and drop the [Expense].[Report Header Information].[Employee] field onto the report.


Hope this helps!


Super User
Super User

You may check the Transaction Summary report in Intelligence. This report will give you a hyperlink to see the detail reports.  I believe this report includes deleted report within a month.  


You may also create a report using the Report query option (your company needs to subscribe to this service). 


I used this report to track the # of expense reports created by individuals per month.  Some companies have a one-expense report per month policy.  This report will allow you to track the expense reports and reach out to the individuals and educate about the policy. 


I hope this helps. 

Maria Steen
Community Manager
Community Manager

If you want these details, I can give you an easy solution. In Query or Report Studio, start a new report. Add the following data items:

1. Employee

2. Report Name

Next, click the column heading for Employee, then use the Group feature. Once the report is grouped, select the Report Name column heading. Once you have done this, click the Summarize toolbar icon. You should see an option to do a Count. That will count up all the reports for the employee and give you a bold footer total by employee. If you want it for a certain time frame, you would need to add some sort of date data item, maybe Created Date, then create a filter for the date range in question. I would then turn the date range filter into a prompt so that every time you run the report, it will allow you to choose the date range you need. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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