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Not attach receipt if under limit

My company has a policy that no receipts are needed under certain amount. However I am not able to proceed with an expense report unleass I attach one receipt for every single expense. How can I proceed without the receipt if it`s not required. 



Super User
Super User

Hello @olokemi 


This procedure is something quiet particular for each company instalation and I recommend you to contact your Concur Admin (someone from IT or Finance and Administration),


In our company, we have one specific Receipt Status called "no receipt", this type allows employees to sent exepenses without the receipt; they need to add some comments.


Hope it helps

Community Manager
Community Manager

@rmsrocha I looked at your company's receipt requirements and from what I can see, all expenses for U.K. employees require receipts. 


There might be certain countries where what you described is the case, but from what I see, the U.K. isn't one of these countries. 


I suggest you speak with your manager about this as it is a rule your company put in place and not something we here on the community can assist with. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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