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Norway Implementation

Hello All,

I’m reaching out to see if anyone has successfully launched Concur Expense in Norway. If so, do you have any input on the following:

  • What were your biggest challenges?
  • Were there any specific requirements that required significant configuration and testing?

Would you potentially be willing to have a quick call with our team in Norway to answer these questions?

Thank you


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We implemented in Norway back in 2014.  I looked back through our configuration documentation, and there wasn't anything very unique that we set up for Norway aside from some extra mileage rates (i.e. snowmobiles and boats) that we didn't see other places. 

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Hi, I'm external project manager for COWI's (danish engineerings consultancy) implementation of Concur (expense and invoice). We have just gone live with the Expense module in DK, SE and NO November 5, so our experiences are not many at this point in time.

I will be happy to share experiences from our implementation work.

If this is relevant to you, please write me at

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Super User

Hi! We went live with Norway in November 2017. We did not have anything "special" per say; however, we have learned that the travel allowance, mileage and VAT is updated on non-cycle times (for example: most countries update their information 1 Jan). Receiving the notifications for the updates seems to be our biggest dilema. 


Good Luck. 


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we have implemented in Norway last year as well.  aside from the Travel Allowance, no major differences other than some receipt requirements that differ from other European countries

Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.