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No itemized receipts available for transaction

Hello I am a delegate for my manager and we submitted an expense report for last month. Unfortunately it was sent back because one of the transactions did not have an itemized receipt. There is no itemized receipt available so the auditor explained we can respond with "manager understands policy and moving forward will always have itemized receipt added to transaction" via a link that was sent to email. Email link has since expired and in order to move forward with report and have it approved we need to respond. Is there any other way I can respond if so how? Also can I just take all transactions and create a new report and let this one expire?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@racielnunez situations like yours are tricky because it is something specific to your organization. Are you able to see the name of the Auditor? Is the auditor someone from your company? If so, try reaching out to them. If not, try adding the "manager understands policy..." verbiage into the Comment field for the expense in question and resubmit. I would also mention the fact that the provided link expired. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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