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No Credit Card Charges on Flight Booking

For a recent trip, I purchased a flight. Then cancelled the flight. Then re-purchased the flight.  All of this was done through Concur. I traveled (seamlessly, all my ticket information was accurate on the re-purchased flights).


I've started to submit my expenses and discovered that I was never charged for the re-purchased flight tickets.  The initial purchase and the cancelled refund are both on my statement. The re-purchase is not. How is this possible, and what do I do? I need to submit my expense claim, but cannot currently include the flights [I know the rate I'm supposed to pay because I have the e-reciept].  I'm worried that if I don't include the flights, I will be charged later and be unable to re-submit the flight charges.


Thank you for your help!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@dstulck if the re-purchase isn't appearing on your company card statement, then you should be okay for now. If the charge appears on your statement at a later time, but the card charge doesn't upload into your SAP Concur profile, then you can ask your manager for approval to submit it as an out of pocket expense. If you end up getting this approval, then when you receive the funds for this out of pocket expense, you would send them to AMEX to pay off the re-purchase. 


I would also suggest speaking to your company's travel agency and ask them if they have a record of the re-purchase. If they do, ask them if it was your company card that was used. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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