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Why is it that the new NexGen is more difficult to use then the old system.  When trying to enter in Expense types, you used to be able to type a few letters and the item would come up.  The system would also recognize repeat reasons for Business Purpose, so that you did not have to retype again and again.  When trying to go into an expense, you have to click on the box of the item, then scroll up to hit the Edit button.  Is there not an easier and quicker way?  While the new platform is nice with the receipt image alongside the expense data, that is about it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Orin5252 to edit an item, you don't have to select the check box and click Edit. Just click on the entry. When you mouse over a line item on your report, that line should highlight light blue. You should then be able to click your mouse to open the entry. 


Also, when you are creating a new expense (out of pocket) you can start typing the expense type name to have the list filter. See my screenshot. 




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi Kevin,

Your answer handles the edit of an item.  But when Concur receives an import expense, the "Expense Type" is not always correct.  Rather than have to search within the system for the item, why can't you just type the first three letters like you can for a New Expense?

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It is the worst interface ever. I know take double the time to complete my tasks as now it requires much more clicking and different screens.

really the devs have never used concur in their life. Terrible user experience