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Occasional Member - Level 1

NextGen - New UI, Adding multiple receipts

Hello All Expense Module Users,

I have moved over to the NextGen new UI and am testing it out before we launch to our employee population.

Has anyone had issues with attaching multiple receipts to an expense line.  I find that when I attempt to attach the second document, the first receipt's image is overshadowing the select buttons.  I had to shrink my full screen display down very small in order to get the first receipt small enough to see the selection buttons to accept the second document.

Is this a known issue?  Is there a work around on this?



Pixar Accounts Payable Manager

Occasional Member - Level 3

I'm using Chrome and just tested this and I didn't have that issue.  What browser were you using?


Clay Wilson
Super User
Super User

Agree with Clay.  As the Expense Administrator I found the browser issue applies to modifications in other areas as well.  I often have Concur open in IE and Chrome at the same time.  If it does not work in one, I click over to my 2nd monitor with Concur up in Chrome.  Voila!  A Magical Blue "Modify" button is there for me.



ALV Company Expense Administrator