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Next Gen UI - Column Order

Hello everyone,


This question was raised at Fusion Exchange, but the presenters did not know the answer and I didn't grab the contact info for who was going to follow up.


Can the columns on expense report be altered or moved around? For example, most of our transactions are CBCP and it's not helpful to have that so prominently displayed on the screen. I've received feedback from users that reordering them would be helpful.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm not sure if this is something the development team is planning on adding as a feature or not, but as of now it does not appear the columns can be moved or changed. I just tried and was unsuccessful.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 3

This has been a pet peeve since our implementation in 2017. Why you can't date sort on user report is a irratent everytime i train someone as they always want to sort this report by date easier to compare with Bank & Cedit card statement. This was the cas last time i check the Next Gen version. Hoping this would be an item they would fix. We are still on the pior version as i am waiting for some features to come in. Which i will be writing about in a seperate post in a few minutes

Being able to sort within the Manage expense window seams simple enough. In the next Gen version  I brought up this fact throught the Tech support, figure it might be a glitch, as there is the little triangle at the date column, the other columns you could hover over but the triangle didn't apear to re-order .

However my response was that it was not a glitch and that the only column that can be sorted was the date, so hoping within the manage expense this is updated down the road.