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NexGen UI Pending transactions

We switched to the Expense NexGen UI last week and now all of our users are displaying significantly dated "cash" transactions and "Pending credit card" transactions for items which have already been submitted.  It appears they are all e-receipts and travel itineraries.  What is causing this and how do we prevent it.  We'd prefer itineraries and e-receipts to display as receipts available rather than transactions.

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Hi @ljackson 


If the items have already been submitted then the e-receipts and itineraries can be deleted from Available Expenses.


It is by design that e-receipts and itineraries are handled differently to plain receipts, and can be beneficial as Concur will attempt to match them to the corporate card transactions.  With plain receipts the matching can only be done manually by the user.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ljackson as @DeanR mentioned, just have your users delete these items if the card transactions have already been submitted.


Going forward, these items will match to their card transactions automatically as long as the users do not add them to a report when they first become available. Make sure when they see these items in Available Expenses, they wait for the card transaction to come in and match. Once matched, then add to their reports.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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