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New Member - Level 1

New expense interface is clunky, slow, and inefficient. How can I revert back?

The new interface is adding additional time when submitting expense reports. It feels clunky, and is inefficient as it is adding additional time to my bi-monthly routine. Is there an option to revert back to the older interface that is more efficient?

Occasional Member - Level 3

@LabRat I could not agree more!  I keep attempting to provide feedback as we were not included in any of the user studies or preview where Concur references great usability and acceptance.  Extra clicks, huge fields, clunky screens, removing icons - we have great user ratings right now and I know this will bring those down significantly.  I have been in Next Gen preview (my own profile, not whole company) for a while now and I continuously receive errors and slow loading.  I attempted a demo for my team and had many issues.  The new UI is NOT a good transition for companies or users!

Occasional Member - Level 2

I agree. I have been using the "New UI " for over a year. I had to develop training materials and didn't want to do it twice. The most frustrating part for the end user is not being able to edit multiple lines of the same expense type at the same time. Example " per diem auto populates' but you have to check each line individually and make the edits for project code etc. Thankfully, there currently isn't any travel happening at our company for the foreseeable future, but I dread when it starts back up as the end user is going to be upset! 

Frequent Member - Level 1

I have provided feedback on the removal of icons several times. It is still very annoying to not have the icons, but eventually, the users do get used to it. 😞



Travel and Expense System Administrator