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New UI receipt issue & Admins unable to access their bosses Concur

Good afternoon,

I've had at least 10 of my users complain in the past month that they couldn't see the "Attach receipt" box to the right of the screen when they were creating their expense report. 

After looking into the issue from my side, I have come to the conclusion that the issue lies within the search engine that they are using to login their Concur account.

When using the new Microsoft Edge, or Chrome or sometimes Explorer search engines, the Attach Receipt box & Hide Receipt is completely non existant. I have had to ask them to try using another serach engine and then it suddenly appears. Does anyone else have this issue? 


Another problem that I've encountered is that Assistants who use to be able to login to their own Concur account & access their supervisor's Concur to create reports are not seeing their supervisor's Concur access anymore. They have had to login & logout multiple times in order for it to kick in, anyone else have this issue?


Are these 2 issues something that Concur is aware and is presently working on?


Thanks for your feedback

Isabelle Germain

Frequent Member - Level 1

Thank you for posting this. I had a user very frustrated that he did not have the Attach Receipt box either. It is not just your users, then.



Travel and Expense System Administrator