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New UI behaviour when deleting expenses from a report


User had an expense on an expense report that was a corporate card transaction matched with a receipt / ExpenseIt item (I'm not sure which) that was an incorrect match.


There is no option to detach/unmatch in the report, so I advised them to delete the expense from the report and they could then unmatch in Available Expenses.  Unfortunately the result was the card transaction moved to Available Expenses, but the receipt / ExpenseIt item was deleted entirely.


Is that expected behaviour with the new UI?  If I recall correctly, in the old UI you couldn't permanently delete anything from with a report; items would just go to the Expenses homepage to be either re-used or deleted.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DeanR I don't believe that is expected. I have deleted an item that was auto-matched from a report and then went to Available Expenses and the two items were still matched, which I then separated. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Super User
Super User

Hello @DeanR 


can you doble check with your user if he/she deletted the expense twice (report and expense area)?


In my two years working with the new UI I've deletted hundreds of mistmatching expenseses and I've neever seen them be deletted from expenses.



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Hi @NTS ,


I was sitting with the user at the time I was the one who advised them to delete the expense from their report 😬


I've worked it out now.  They had a matched card transaction and ExpenseIt item that had a two-page image where each page was a receipt; one was the correct receipt for the card transaction ($198.00) and the other was for another card transaction ($41.15).  When we deleted the expense from the report it separated the ExpenseIt item from the card transaction, but the value of the separated ExpenseIt item was $41.15.  I was looking in Available Expenses for an expense for $198.00 and didn't realise that this was the previously-matched item.


So now the question is - can I split pages on an ExpenseIt receipt to match each of them to the correct card transaction?