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Occasional Member - Level 2

New UI Takes Longer

The new UI is very cumbersome to use as compared to the old UI. It would normally take 15-20 minutes per expense report, now takes over an hour to perform the same tasks, but in a less intuitive manner.


A few of the many issues I've observed:

  • Previously you could easily access all receipts in the same window as your expenses. However, now a new window must be opened which has long screen loading times.
  • The pop up window for all receipts is very small and you cannot sort through receipts using the zoomed in view. You need to click far too many times to find the correct receipt.
  • Changing the expense type must also be performed in a different window, which has even longer screen load times.
  • Saving an expense from the single expense window jumps you back to the main expense page each time, again with long screen loading times.
  • You cannot click the expense name to open up the single expense window, you need to click in the blank area next to it. Not intuitive at all! 

One of the very few improvements I've found is that the new itemization feature is actually easier to use, especially when adding hotel nights at different costs per night. However, it's not very apparently in how you set that up in the first place. Previously each stay automatically populated, but now you need to select "Hotel" from the itemization menu - Why? I've selected that this is a hotel expense. Why must it be added as an itemization as well? 


PLEASE REVERT BACK TO THE OLD USER INTERFACE. It was significantly more streamlined, more intuitive, and faster.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@bsmihosky hello there. We do appreciate your feedback. Here is a post from someone on our product team working on gathering feedback from customers on their thoughts concerning NextGen UI:


I am fairly certain we will not revert back to the Legacy UI, but with input from customers, such as yourself, we can provide some enhancements to make the Expense reporting experiencing smoother.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

Thank you for your follow up.


I completely understand moving forward with new ideas or procedures as long as you're streamlining the process. In this instance, it's taking much longer than before with multiple loading screen and a less connected/intuitive interface. It would have been great for the development team to consider feedback from the initial roll-out last year, but it seems that did not happen. I hope some improves can be implemented short term.


On a positive note, I have to say that it's good to see how responsive you are to the topics being posted, that in itself is much appreciated 🙂


New Member - Level 3

What a horrible answer Kevin.  The internet is flooded with negative reviews about this UI.  You guys really just need to give people the option to roll back until you can get this right.  There is no reason why your customers should have to suffer because Concur completely blew it.  It's shocking that a group of people actually thought this would be an improvement.  It really boggles the mind.  Please take the mountain of feedback you are recieving on this forum seriously instead of pushing people to go sign up for some other influencer site.  Now that I think about it, it all makes sense giving feedback would be such a pain... the process must have been created by the same people who created the new UI.  You already have all the feedback you need.   Everyone fails at something sometimes, all that matters is that you make it right in a fast and easy manner.