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Routine Member - Level 1

New UI - Receipts aren't always showing up once attached

I've had a few users report that the receipts are being attached at the expense item level, but when they are in the report view of said expense, the receipt column is showing a + . When you drill into the item level, it is there.

As a workaround, we are attaching them a 2nd time on the expense report view and that seems to address the problem. NOTE: these were expense reports that were created prior to us switching to the new UI (we are also using chrome).

Anyone else seen this issue?

Occasional Member - Level 2

This is good info.  We will roll out Feb. 2019 for our Concur users to use the NextGen Expense module. We will probably have folks that started reports prior to this change and may have to add the receipt a second time as pointed out for a work around.