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Occasional Member - Level 1

New UI Airline Routing Info On Expense Items

My company converted to the new UI.  Previously, when we had an airline expense, it would display the blue symbol that you could hover over and it would tell you the airline travel info, ie...routing/dates of travel.  We need this information for expense reporting.  How can we get this option back????

Occasional Member - Level 3

If travel is booked via Concur travel then you can get this information via the e-receipt which is linked to the expense item under expense type ' reservation' as it contains all these details...."RESERVATION" has replaced the blue airplane icon from what I understand. If a trip was booked outside of concur then the transaction date and airports show under 'payment type' but it does not show you the travel dates unfortunately

Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks W_Wonka!!!!!