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Occasional Member - Level 1

New Concur UI


has anyone transitioned to the New UI?  I am testing the new UI myself, I find it to be much slower than the current UI when completing a task.  Has anyone else experienced this?  would love to chat with someone if they have transitioned.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi! This is a great question for our User Admin group, which is for people who are administrators of an SAP Concur product at their company. If this is your situation, you may want to check out the group and ask your question there.

Kelly Rigotti
Sr. Director, Digital Marketing
SAP Concur
Frequent Member - Level 1

Yes, we have transitioned to the New UI. In the beginning, I did find it slower. However, now that Concur has updated it so that you can Edit multiple expenses, our users really like it.

Travel and Expense System Administrator
Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Jessica,

thank you for your feedback.  I am more curious about the system being slow, taking a while to save a task, it is churning a lot.  Have you experienced this? thank you.