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Occasional Member - Level 3

New Concur UI: Business Purpose pre-populating

Hi there, we have had a few reports by users that have had the Business Purpose field pre-populated by entries they made to other expenses, or with text that they didn't know where it came from.  

Could you advise, is there some sort of logic in Concur that tries to automatically apply entries to business purpose fields across similar expense lines?  Or is this just a bug?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@EdwinaM this has been a feature of Concur Expense for many years now. The system assumes that the entries on the report are related to the same business purpose, so when a user creates an out of pocket expense, it will auto-fill the Business Purpose field using the business purpose entered on the previous expense created by the user. Also, many companies use the Business Purpose field on the Report Header and have it copy down to all entries added to or created on the expense report. 


As for the text that they didn't know where it came from, I would have to see an example as I've never come across this before.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

This is happening on credit card charges as well.  Have had several users express frustration with this auto-fill feature.  Is there a way to turn it off?  Users can copy paste if need be.