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Occasional Member - Level 2

Need help in Workflow settings

Hello Members,


I need your advise on setting up workflow for my client. 

Normal workflow is : Employee - Manager-Finance(Processor)

Now for there are some special conditions :

1. If there are no receipts attached that expense will move for a additional approval to HOD is required.

2. If expense is submitted beyond 60 days then HRBP approval required

3. for 3 specific expense types if limit exceeds certain amount then both HOD and HRBP approval needed

4. For miscellaneous expense type workflow should be : Employee - Manager - Business Finance(processor) - Finance(processor)


Now for these conditions which workflow I should use ? HOD and HRBP are 2 fields in our employee form, HOD is org unit and HRBP is custom field. We also do not have any connected list , all are text field that will get loaded from outside system


Also, for miscellaneous expense how is it possible to seperate 2 processors Business finance and finance? 


I have tried setting up 1-up workflow with default approver but there is no place in "User administration" where I can set 2 default approvers. So I cannot enter both HOD and HRBP details as default approver in user profile.


Can you please advise on above setup

Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi Members,


any advise on this workflow setup? I have tried 1 up with default approvers but cannot accommodate all approvers . Also multiple processors adding not working properly. Need suggestion