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Multiple expense claim?

I have a backlog of Tesla charging expenses (50 receipts, totalling £650 from November 21 - June 22) that I'm looking to claim. I have downloaded all the invoices as well as a summary (excel table) from the Tesla website that details each one of the charges on a single sheet.


Is there a way for me to bulk claim given that they are all same expense source (Tesla)? I'm really keen to avoid doing 50 separate claims if possible.   

Community Manager
Community Manager

@JK1983 what you can do is create one of these expenses on your report, then use the copy feature. What this does is copies all the data entered, but changes the Transaction date to one day later. For example, I add the expense to my report and put the transaction date as 11/21/2021. When I copy this line item, the date will show as 11/22/2022. You could ask your direct manager if they will allow you to just enter one line item for the total of GBP650. You can provide the sheet with all the details (must be in pdf format though) and use the comment field to explain you entered this as one bulk reimbursement. 


If you manager says yes, then I would do it that way. If your manager says no, then create one entry on your report, then copy it 49 times. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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