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Multiple Concur connections to one ICS

Our company has two Concur instances connected to one ICS.

In the case of Concur, which is newly connected recently, all other functions, including Connection, are working normally, but card number decryption is not working.

For reference, the other Concur Instance that is already in use, all functions work well.


The ICS setup guide document states that decoding the card number of the IBCP card requires an SAP Certificate, which can be generated by clicking 'Generate Certificate' in CTE_SETUP. 

This 'Generate Certificate' has already been clicked and generated when connecting the first Concur Instance, so it now appears in a normal state with a green button.
However, I think the certificate is not generated properly in the newly connected Concur Instance, so the card number is not being decrypted.

please provide guidance on how to check the certificate.



As some of the users of Concur that are already in use are moving to the newly built Concur,

the cards will also be moved from the Concur that is currently in use to the newly built Concur.

The card data that had a decryption error during a posting test in the newly built Concur was also a card that had been imported once before into the Concur that are already in use .

In this case, may there be a problem decrypting the card number?



I need help on how to solve the problem of not being able to decrypt.
Thank you.