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Multi-employee expenses import

We have a process that requires reimbursement every time an employee fills out a specific form.  Currently we have to individually run each as an individual expense report.  We would like to simply upload a batch file with each employee name and the expense on it to save an enormous amount of time and effort.  


I have searched and only find batch uploads for receipts, but we need to create an expense report for each line of our structured Excel file.  We can structure the file however Concur needs, but we need to be able to batch upload about 200 expense submissions per week.

How do we do this?  Is there a designated import function?  What is the required file format/structure?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Batch_processor If I am understanding your correctly, your employees fill out a form with their expense(s). You then take that expense and add it to an expense report in SAP Concur, is that correct? We do not have an option to import a file that will create expense reports. 


Is there the possibility of allowing your employees access to SAP Concur and have them create and submit their own reports? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I appreciate the quick response, although I don't like the answer.  Currently admins hand-enter each submitted form as a Concur expense for the individual employee.  We wish to batch upload the employee ID and expense and make this process automatic, hand-entering 15,000 of these per year is very expensive in time.  


Are you certain that there is not a process to import a structured file and process it?  It seems straightforward.  Is there any automation available at all for large batches of expenses like this?