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Monthly Travel

I have an employee who travels throughout the month.  Do I have to enter each calendar travel date to get her reimbursed for personal car mileage OR can I submit one request for travel for the month using the first and last day of the month?

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This is a company-specific questions, but if it's helpful, we encourage users who travel a lot to submit every two weeks or every month. It is simpler for the submitter and the processor.


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Community Manager

@LynneSmall to make sure I'm understanding you correctly, when you say this person is traveling throughout the month, you mean by driving, correct? 


How you enter the mileage is up to your company. Do they allow one single mileage entry on an expense report that includes the entire month's mileage or do they want each day listed as its own entry. In my experience, most companies prefer listing each day's mileage as separate entries. This might be a little more work up front, but it is easier to review for approvers. Also, no one would probably complain by listing them separately. You will need to reach out to your site administrator or you Finance department to see what the preference is. 

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Kevin Dorsey
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For mileage reimbursement, we look for a weekly entry with a mileage log as the receipt.

Nancy Murray