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Missing Receipts

Concur will not approve an expense without a receipt.  Concur only allows the employee to complete the Missing Receipt Declaration.  Only the employee can assign a delegate.

How then can the company advance a report through Concur when the employee has been terminated and there is no opportunity to get them to complete the declaration, produce the receipt, or assign a delegate?

We have tried leaving a request in the comments section of the individual's report alerting Concur of the situation, but Concur still kicked it back.  Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@susankhalil a few things:

1. The profile of the terminated employee could be reactivated just for the purpose of getting the report fully approved.  A new password would need to be set up and the 2FA reset, if you aren't using Single Sign On.

2. You can add a delegate to a deactivated profile.

3. If you are using the Missing Receipt Declaration, then there is verbiage saved in the System on that Policy. You could get that verbiage and create a document that uses the same verbiage and Provide a comment on why you had to do the MRD this way.


My question to you is, when you say "Concur kicked it back" are you referring to Concur Audit?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

I have gone in and selected the terminate employee with the Acting as Other option.  Now I do not see where I can then assign a delegate under his name.  Please advise as to how I can assign the delegate for a terminated employee.  Thank you.

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We actually have our Workflow so that if there is a receipt missing, the person gets a flag and it's not a hard stop - it goes to back office for review. This is for several reasons, the main which is to process terminated associates transactions. We built in a message, that advises that a receipt must be included for all transactions, If they don't have one, they need the affidavit.



We utilize a Custom Clean up report which provides daily high level insight for outstanding expenses by termed associates, and some other items (we use Consultative Intelligence and our analyst built to our specs). This allows us to be sure we are checking daily. Keep in mind we are a retail organization with higher turnover than most other business models. 


Hope this helps.

Occasional Member - Level 3

I created a PDF document stating "Termed Employee-Receipt not available." I go in as the employee, attach, and submit.