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Missing Receipts from App to Browser

We've been taking pictures of receipts with ExpenseIt and completing the amount. Once in the browser environment, the receipts are not in the "Available Receipts" section like they used to be. The pictures are not matched with the credit card expense, either.  Where did they go? They aren't in the app, either.

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Do you have Expense Assistant enabled?  Expense Assistant will automatically move ExpenseIt items into a report.  If you don't use Expense Assistant then they should be in Available Expenses with a Pending Card Transaction payment type if not matched to the associated card transaction.


ExpenseIt items will never be in Available Receipts because by nature they are expense items with an associated image.  Available Receipts are not expense items; they are just images with no expense informatio associated with them.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@larastevens ExpenseIt items, as far as I know, have always gone into Available Expenses, not Available Receipts. I would check to see if what @DeanR mentioned is happening. Have your users check to see if they have Expense Assistant turned on.

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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