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Missing Incremental Load Feature for Expense Entries API



The Expense Entries API (/api/v3.0/expense/entries) does not support incremental load based on the last modified date. I need to load thousands of entries every day and full load seems to be a rather inefficient method to load the data. 


I am aware that the expense report endpoint (/api/v3.0/expense/reports) supports this feature by using "modifiedDateAfter" parameter. Can the same feature be enabled for Expense Entries? 


I have already searched the forum and there is no solution to the above issue. The closest thread is this query which does not provide any concrete solution:

Reference to the API documentation:


Thanks in advance, 



Community Manager
Community Manager

@amin-amini I reached out to a colleague that knows a bit about APIs, so let's see if he has a reply.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hello @KevinD , 


Thank you for looking into this issue. Could you please provide an update at your earliest convenience?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated, as performing a full data load is not feasible for us. The authentication token expires during the process due to the high volume of data.