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Miscoded "Payment Type"


I have an airline fee charge which has been coded as a "Cash" Payment Type instead of a company credit card Payment type, and there is no option to change it in the drop down menu.

Last time this happened it caused me no end of trouble and pain in recharges and costs as it paid the expense to my bank account instead of the company card.

Anyone know how I can re-code the expense payment type before submitting?



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Hi @Stuart_S 


Are you sure this is the credit card charge and not the e-receipt from the airline?  Card charges that come in via the card provider's feed to Concur are stamped with a credit card Payment Type that can't be changed.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Stuart_S this happens to lots of users. First thing to do is go back and look at all of your past expense reports to be sure this expense hasn't already been submitted. This is the number one resolution to this issue. Some users do not remember/realize they already submitted the company card charge for the expense in question. 


I've had more than a few people say that they checked old reports and it wasn't submitted, but then I checked and I found the expense. :-).


So, if you could check your past reports (probably your most recent reports), you'll likely find it has already been submitted. 


As @DeanR mentioned, this item is likely the itinerary item for the airfare. These are not required to be submitted. Also, for future reference, the company card payment type, by design, is not a payment type that can be selected. The system will auto-assign it to your uploaded company card transactions.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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