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Minimizing false duplicate flags

I'd like to minimize the noise of false exceptions/flags related to duplicates.  We use the duplicate ticket number audit rule and duplicate transaction rule.  I'd like to avoid the following but support states it's not possible.

  1. Allow me to only apply the duplicate ticket number audit logic to airfare expenses and NOT any other expense that includes the ticket number information in the credit card feed of data.  Trip fees from our travel agency contain the ticket number info on the card feed, and so every airfare and trip fee are flagged as potential duplicates.
  2. Allow me to never trigger the duplicate transaction audit rule if both transactions have a corp card form of payment.  I want to trust these, and yet they will be flagged.
  3. Allow me to warn staff who are submitting specific expense types as cash but who have a specific payment card type assigned that they should never manually enter an expense as cash.  The system logic only allows me to apply it to any assigned company cards.  I don't want to apply this to pcards, only travel cards.