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Mexico Implementation

I have a concern related to Mexico Concur implementation, anyone is facing same issue?

In Mexico, once a transaction is done using a credit card, user has to download 2 documents from vendor: pdf invoice and xml file. Both are validated and approved by SAT (Mexican Tax Entity) and they have to be included into Concur Expense report.

When user creates the expense report, they must include these documents In order to submit the expense. At this moment, vendor name Concur field takes the Vendor legal name from the xml file and it can’t be modified.

However, once Credit Card transaction flows to Concur, it overwrites vendor name field (previously included) and now it becomes in the latest vendor name.

Any thoughs how to solve it? I am thinking to use one of the custom fields Concur has, however I am looking for further options.



Occasional Member - Level 3

Wait for the credit card to match with the receipt for the correct vendor name. 

MX has proven to be a challenge regarding the various tax regulations the business need to comply to be able to deduct business expenses. 

How are you recording the IVA at the expense entry level?  Are you able to retrieve the UUID code from the XML document?  Does your SAE have the fields you need for future government audits?

Let me know.  I am interested to find out best practices on this subject.  

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We decided to create a solution outside Concur to meet legal requirements using the UUID from xml file, then this xml is used to compare against vendor database. Regarding IVA question, we reinforced trainings across the organization and provide them with demos and others to simplify the recording.

I hope it helps!


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Could you share the outside vendor?  It might be a solution for us too.

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It was an internal IT solution

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we are thinking of bringing MX to Concur.  Do you know if Concur maps the UUID from the XML before sending the file back to the ERP system?  Any known challenges in this integration between Concur and the PAC?


thank you in advance for your comments.