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Occasional Member - Level 2

Merchant code mapping

New with merchant code mapping on credit cards. We have some merchant codes that need to be put on different Expense types. For instance, some merchants are office supplies, equipment rentals, equipment expenses. How do I solve this problem when you can only put a merchant code on one specific expense? Also, where do I go to set up expense types and merchant codes?

Routine Member - Level 3

Hi,  you are correct merchant codes can only be matched to one expense type,  but certain groupings could be matched to various expense types,  eg. air lines,  we have international airlines to air fares overseas, and other airlines to domestic airfares.  under admin ==> credit cards ==> merchant code mapping is where you find the codes.  there is also an option to download them and change them to suit the expense types most common for your organisation.

Occasional Member - Level 2

I've looked thru and am trying to find out how to download the merchant codes. I'm not finding it. Where do I go?