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We don't have a per diam for meals and our policy at this time does not specifically say how far you away from your office/home to have a meal cost.   There has been a 50 mile outside of your home district discussed.    What does everyone do for meals for their employees who travel, but not far enough that they would have to stay in a hotel?   We have told employees to pack a lunch, but what do some of you do for these employees?   Thank you

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dear @kkirkland2 

it depends with which market you are dealing with, as in some countries there are legal government requirements to pay employees based on Per Diem (e.g. Germany, Sweden, Austria etc).


I assume you are based in the US and it effects only employees there who are managing a small territory and so traveling within the same area without the need to hotel lodging.


If an employee has to work out from home, it would be more than fair to or provide a flat rate allowance or pay their meals (where the company can still put cost limits), if the employee was working before and after the meal during the same day, and where it wouldn't  make any sense to have the employee going back home for their meals.

Specific to your case, it should be only a matter to pay breakfast should be taken before going to work, and dinner at home, and in both cases you shouldn't have the condition of working before and after the meal. In lunch you have it and I think it would be understood and appreciated also by the employees. 



Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager