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Meal limits in US for individual meals

In our company we have individual limits for meals and we try to understand if we need to change them.


Currently we have the following :

Breakfast (25 in New York, Washington and Boston, 15 everywhere else)

Lunch : 25$

Dinner 60$.


If you could share yours to help us to understand if we are fine or too low.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@bpittet we used to have a daily total of $75. It didn't matter how we spent the total, as long as we kept the daily total to $75. 


I'll be curious to see what others have done with daily meal limits.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thanks for your reply!

We are using audit rules for limits on each expense type for meals, but then we have separate expense types for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, so we are able to separate the three with their own individual limits.  We've also added City to the rule, and can exclude Cities, based on the search feature when setting up the rule.

We also currently only use this as a "message" or yellow flag with no hard stop, telling users to enter a comment as to why the meal cost was high, but the rule can be set as a hard stop also.  We can run reports as to who consistently receives the exception and determine at some point if we need a hard stop by reviewing comments and cities where exceptions are occurring.  The main reason we set up the rule was because the wrong expense type was being used for a travel meal - which for us is Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.  If they pay for another persons meal the expense type should be Business Meals and attendees are required.

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We currently have individual meal guidelines of $15 Breakfast $20 Lunch $40 Dinner. This includes modest alcohol, tax and tips.

Does your company allow alcohol purchases?  Does your meal limits include tax and tip?

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We have a daily limit of $85 per day excluding tax/tip. Nothing in policy regarding alcohol...curious if others limit drinks?

Occasional Member - Level 3

Our policy limits alcohol to two drinks per employee -- at dinner only. This does not apply to meals with customers or suppliers, however.